Street Safety - Ward 4
Street Safety – Ward 4 Hamilton

It goes with out saying, Street safety is paramount across the entire city as well as in Ward 4 Hamilton.  A complete road safety review needs to take place immediately. With additional consultation with residents, and stakeholders, road safety and calming measures need to be implemented as soon as possible. Looking at methods to reduce speed and increase safety such as speed limits, speed bumps and Police enforcement can be achieved in a timely manner

Further investigation on other traffic calming and safety measures such as street design, widening of sidewalks and the addition of barriers for bike lanes will all be reviewed and implemented. The need to review speed limits, truck routes and lighting and signage all need to be reviewed and discussed. As Counsellor I will make safe streets a priority

One of my first priorities will be to create speed calming and road safety within the ward.  I will start creating traffic-calming situations on the North End of Barton Street. Accidents continue to happen throughout the city but in recent months a vehicle drives directly into a young family, right on Ottawa street.  This can be fixed, but it takes leadership and someone at City Hall to have that voice and commitment to get it done for the safety of the people in the community. I am committed to speed calming throughout Ward 4 and will work with the city to make sure that this happens. 

Speed bumps are an effective way of slowing traffic on busy streets. By preventing drivers from accelerating to high speeds, speed bumps help to create a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users. Speed cameras are another tool that can be used to enforce speed limits and help to keep traffic flowing safely. When properly placed, speed cameras can help to deter speeding and encourage drivers to obey the posted speed limit. Finally, creating dedicated Bicycle lanes is an important step in making streets safe for cyclists. By providing a separate space for cyclists, Bicycle lanes help to reduce the risk of collisions between cyclists and motorists. By taking these measures, Hamilton and Ward 4 can make our streets safe for all users.

3 Lane Red Hill Expressway

3 lane Red hill expressway

A three-lane Red Hill Creek Expressway would alleviate a lot of the traffic problems that we experience in our city. The current two-lane expressway simply can’t handle the volume of traffic during rush hour times. This causes traffic to back up onto city streets, making it difficult for people to get where they’re going in a timely manner. I believe that we should advocate for the Red Hill Creek Expressway to be built with three lanes, rather than waste money on inquiries into why it wasn’t built right the first time. With three lanes, the expressway would be able to handle more traffic and ease the congestion that we experience on a daily basis.


Affordable Housing - Ward 4 Hamilton
Affordable Housing in Ward 4 Hamilton

No matter where you live in the city of Hamilton, housing is likely a top concern. In fact, according to the Provincial government, 1.5 million new homes must be built in the next 10 years. While this housing boom will undoubtedly have positive effects for the economy, it also presents a challenge for municipalities like Hamilton when it comes to providing enough affordable housing options. 

In particular, Ward 4 is a critical area to focus on, as we know that many of the new homes being built will be priced out of reach for many residents. As your Councillor, I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our community has a safe and affordable place to call home.  

It is a priority of mine to work to create 20% of new housing builds to be allocated as affordable housing in Ward 4. The LRT will create additional housing – high density builds, that should include social housing and affordable rent control housing units.

There are currently over 100 apartments sitting empty in Hamilton, waiting for people who desperately need them. So why are they empty? The processes and bureaucracy that surround getting people into these apartments is restrictive and slow. I will advocate for removing some of this red tape so that we can help those in need more quickly. By streamlining the process and making it more efficient, we can get people into the shelter they need as soon as possible. This is a vital step in helping those who are struggling in our community.

In addition, I want to work with local housing stakeholders to create a made-in Hamilton housing solution that would reduce the homeless issues, while maintaining vibrant neighbourhoods. We need to have everyone at the table to find a solution that is right for our City.

Social Housing.  

social housing - Ward 4 Hamilton
Social Housing – Ward 4 Hamilton

The city of Hamilton is in the midst of a housing crisis, and low- and moderate-income tenants are bearing the brunt of the pressure. Many are forced to stay in substandard housing because they cannot afford to move, and the waitlists for social housing are growing ever longer. When all other options have been exhausted, some tenants have no choice but to become homeless. This is not a sustainable situation, and all levels of government need to come together to find solutions. Homelessness is a complex problem with no easy answers, but one thing is certain: we need more affordable housing options in Hamilton. We need more social housing units, and we need to make sure that those units are affordable for those who need them most. Only then can we hope to address the city’s housing crisis.

The City Housing situation is dire need of improvement. There are many deeper issues that I will fix if elected. As of September 2022 there are multiple empty (ready to be occupied) apartments in Hamilton.


Layers and layers of administration and departments that go through a process before anyone can be accepted and approved into a home. This needs to be streamlined and improved. Hamilton residents are on the streets and we have the space to fill it. I will push to remove this administration and further expedite the process for people to get into homes from streets.


Hamilton has a process which includes tendering. Many projects that once went to small business contractors in Hamilton have been removed due to the fact that there are multiple pages to be completed. These contractor jobs are going to Toronto contractors as they know how to fill out the paperwork but don’t know how to complete the job in a productive and efficient manner. I will work to improve these processes and further bring jobs back to Hamilton to help with getting it done so we can get Hamilton families back into a home.


Residential properties that have been unoccupied for six months starting in 2024 will have to pay a residential vacant additional tax. The vacant home tax is encouraged to get properties rented for families and to address the supplying affordability of housing in the city. We need to take it one step further.

Vacancy tax for commercial properties will be a policy I will motion to counsel. The empty store and retail operations sit and wait for occupants and should provide a tax support to the City.

In addition, I will support landlords by removing red tape and processes so they can have their commercial properties with businesses operating and providing rental income and supporting our tax base for the city.


Transit - Ward 4 Hamilton
Transit in Ward 4 Hamilton

Public transit continues to be one of the most important topics for all wards, particularly how and where we will be able to utilize transportation throughout the community. What’s most important is that whatever transportation system is set up, it is important that the City of Hamilton as a whole has proper capabilities with the access for those in need, such as the DARTS program, and affordability for those that need assistance on fixed incomes to have access to transit. Proper public transit is essential for any city to function and thrive, and it is something that we must continue to work on in order to make sure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to get where they need to go.


Ward 4 Business development
Ward 4 business development

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy, and yet they often operate at a disadvantage when it comes to red tape at City Hall.

I’m committed to cutting through the red tape and making it easier for small businesses to thrive in Ward 4 Hamilton. Small business owners work hard to provide a service or product that their customers need, and they should be able to do so without jumping through hoops at City Hall.

I will streamline the process for small businesses so that they can focus on what they do best: growing their business and providing good jobs for our community.  


If elected to Ward 4, I will be putting my efforts toward supporting the Ottawa BIA, enhancing Kenilworth Street businesses, and Barton Street businesses. The Ottawa BIA is a important organization that provides support and advocacy for small businesses in the area, and I am a strong supporter of their work. Kenilworth Street is home to many small businesses, and I will work to enhance the street’s business environment. Barton Street is another important small business area, and I will do everything I can to support the businesses there. Ward 4 is a great place for small businesses, and I will do everything I can to support them. Thank you for your support.


  • Commercial Vacancy Tax for empty business locations
  • 3 lanes on the Red Hill Expressway.
  • Bringing as many businesses as I can into the Kenilworth Street and make it a thriving small business community for those in Ward 4 to go to.
  • Finishing the master cycling plan in Hamilton to help follow through with the development of safe pathways through Ward 4 to the Red Hill Trail and further continue the Pipeline trail.
  • Create road bumps (traffic calming) around St. Christopher Park, stop signs and other road calming measures in the North end of Ward 4 Hamilton.
  • Speed up the time of getting Hamilton families into our City Housing and work on building more for those in need.