Ward 4 Hamilton - Where to Vote in Ward 4?

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
September 24, 2022

If you’re asking where can I vote in Ward 4 Hamilton, the answer is easy – just head to your local early poll! Advance polls are open on October 7, 8, 14, and 15, so you have plenty of time to get your vote in. And who should you vote for? Adam Oldfield – he’s […]

Commercial Vacancy Tax

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
September 22, 2022

If elected, I will advocate for a commercial vacancy tax. This will be applied to any commercial property that has been sitting empty for more than six months. Buildings continue to deteriorate and they need to be filled with proper businesses. The commercial vacancy tax is a way to help make sure that these buildings […]

3 lane Red Hill Creek Expressway

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
September 22, 2022

It’s time to make a 3 lane Red Hill Creek Expressway. The Red Hill Creek Expressway was originally intended to be three lanes wide. However, to save costs, it was only developed with two lanes on the north end. This causes traffic problems during rush hour times, as traffic is forced onto our city streets. […]

City Councillor Hamilton

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
September 19, 2022

CITY COUNCILLOR HAMILTON – Ward 4 October 24, 2022 Will be the date that a new city counsellor Hamilton will be elected for Ward 4 Hamilton.    So much is required to be done and this will not be an easy task for any new city councillor to take the seat and address. ELECT ADAM […]

Adam Oldfield Ward 4 - Dependable

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
September 11, 2022

What is dependable in Hamilton Ward 4? Adam in Ward 4 is Dependable. Dependable by definition includes “trustworthy and reliable”. As strong as this word is, many people do not understand the definition of what it actually means. Dependability is actually one of those traits you don’t normally see in people these days. It’s been […]

Rosedale - Ward 4 Hamilton

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
September 10, 2022

As I’m canvassing in Ward 4 Hamilton continues, a main concern for many people in the community is the cost of the LRT. With the project facing numerous delays, many are wondering if the cost will continue to rise. ROAD CALMING Road calming is another top concern for residents of Rosedale. With cars speeding through […]

Breezy Corners Hamilton

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
September 4, 2022

Breezy Corners in Hamilton is one of our favourite spots! My wife and I have been travelling to Freelton to Breezy Corners only to know that we now have a location right in the east end of Hamilton and It’s just as fantastic. FUN FACT Speaking to the owner, it is fun fact that the […]

Lawn Signs - Ward 4 Hamilton

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
August 23, 2022

Looking for a Lawn Sign to support Adam Oldfield for Ward 4 Hamilton? Adam Oldfield is running for City Council in Ward 4 Hamilton and has already begun canvassing the area to speak with residents about their concerns. He plans to put up Adam Oldfield lawn signs as of September 26 2022, so if you […]

Adam Oldfield - Why Ward 4 Hamilton

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
August 9, 2022

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? A. WARD 3 WHY NOT RUN IN WARD 3 INSTEAD OF WARD 4? Ward 4 and Ward 3 are very similar.   When I was deciding if to run, it WAS a tough decision which to go for.   They have the same types of issues and I do have history […]

Bringing Business Back - Ward 4 Hamilton

Ward 4 Hamilton - Adam Oldfield
August 8, 2022

Bringing small business back to Hamilton is one of my campaign goals. Hamilton Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and rebuilding them in Ward 4 will help to revitalize the community. Kenilworth used to be a thriving small business area and I want to see it become that again. It is essential that […]